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Responsible Stewardship


SCES believes each person is a vital resource of great potential, capable of answering the challenges societies face with innovation and invention. We believe in Sustainable Responsible development but place a great value in our natural environment as a source of both physical sustenance and beauty to be cared for with wisdom, spiritualty and temperance. Responsible stewardship recognizes the moral necessity of forming sound policy in order to preserve and enhance the riches of the natural world for future generations. 


We follow the standards of the Canada Revenue Agency and recognize best practices in providing openness and accountability. Our fundraising, administration and costs are made available through audited statements for review upon request. All funds raised are used effectively and efficiently. SCES rely on the generousness of our community and we are fully responsible in our commitment towards our common goal of human dignity.


Our young are people of diverse ethnic, religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. We must train our young to work with one and other to respect each other to be responsible with our development and preserve. We at SCES believe we are all training the Earths future stewards.

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